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Cilt 8, Sayı 18  Aralık 2020  (ISSN: 2147-6489, E-ISSN: )
Pınar ACET, Burcu Ebru AYDOĞDU, Gülay DİRİK

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1578163880 The Reliability and Validity Study of the Turkish Version of the Global Meaning Violation Scale

The Validity and Reliability Study of the Turkish Version of the Global Meaning Violation Scale
As a psychological concept, meaning is a mental representation that enables us to connect relations or ideas predictably and stably. Highly stressful or traumatic life events may violate individuals’ global meaning (such as beliefs and goals) that provide a general framework to understand the world, themselves, and others. The Global Meaning Violation Scale (GMVS), consisting of 13 items and three subscales (belief violations, intrinsic goal violations and extrinsic goal violations), assesses violation in global meaning after exposure to a traumatic or stressful life event. In the present study, GMVS was translated into Turkish, and the psychometric properties of the scale were examined in a sample of 564 adult sample. Similar to the original form of the scale, the GMVS Turkish form consists of three factors. In order to evaluate the validity of the scale, the relationship between the SAM, DASS-21, PTSD Checklist-Civilian, perceived stressfulness of the event and the total score of GMVS and its subscales scale was examined. As a result of psychometric analyses, findings supporting the concurrent, distinctive, and incremental validity of the scale were obtained. It is found that the Turkish version of GMVS has satisfactory internal consistency and test-retest reliability. Cronbach alpha coefficients of the whole scale, GMVS-Beliefs, GMVS-Intrinsic and GMVS-Extrinsic were found to be .85, .77, .79 and .87 respectively; the test-retest reliabilities were found to be .79, .79, .68 and .66, respectively. The results showed that the Turkish form of the GMVS is a valid and reliable scale.

Global Meaning Violation Scale, global meaning, validity, reliability