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Cilt 8, Sayı 17  Eylül 2020  (ISSN: 2147-6489, E-ISSN: )

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1580500531 The Effect of Forgiveness Focused Group Guidance on the Adolescents’ Tendency of Forgiveness

This study aimed to analyze the effect of Forgiveness-Focused Group Guidance (FFGG), which was developed based on the process model of forgiveness, on the adolescents’ tendency of forgiveness, using quantitative and qualitative methods. The semi-experimental design with the pretest-posttest control and placebo groups was used in the quantitative dimension of the study. In the qualitative dimension, the interview method was used. The study group consisted of 65 ninth-grade students enrolled in a vocational high school. The data of the study were collected through the Forgiveness Scale for Adolescents, semi-structured interview form and personal information form. One-way covariance analysis technique was used in the analysis of the quantitative data. Qualitative data were analyzed through the content analysis technique. According to the quantitative findings, FFGG contributed to the increase in the adolescents’ tendency of forgiveness. According to the qualitative findings, adolescents, who participated in FFGG, defined forgiveness as a multi-dimensional concept and stated that their perspectives towards the concept of forgiveness changed positively after the FFGG. In addition, adolescents noted that there was an improvement in their forgiveness, empathy and anger management skills and an increase in their individual awareness after participating in the FFGG. The findings obtained were discussed in light of the relevant literature and recommendations were made.

Forgiveness tendency, forgivingness, group guidance, adolescents, mixed method