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Cilt 10, Sayı 26  Kış 2022  (ISSN: 2147-6489, E-ISSN: )
Güliz Zeynep Tarman, Ayşe Berna Sarı Arasıl, Çiğdem Yavuz Güler

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1653574807 Saving Cognitions Inventory: Turkish Form, Validity and Reliability Study

Saving Cognitions Inventory (SCI) was developed by Steketee and her colleagues (2003) to evaluate cognitive processes of Hoarding Disorder. These cognitive processes are emphasized as major contributors to the etiology of the Hoarding Disorder. The aim of the study was to adapt Turkish version of SCI and evaluate its validity and reliability. The study consisted of two separate adult sample groups including a total of 719 people whose age ranged 18-59. The first sample consisted of 252 participants with a mean age of 21.60 (SD = 4.07) and the second sample consisted of 467 participants with a mean age of 24.31 (SD = 6.51) Participants were asked to fill a battery of questionnaires including Melbourne Decision Making Questionnaire, The Obsessive Belief Questionnaire – 44, Saving Inventory – Revised and The Object Attachment Questionnaire. The factor structure was examined by exploratory factor analysis and the results supported the four-factor structure including emotional attachment, memory, control and responsibility domains. Four items were distributed in a different factor structure than the original form. These items were remained under the new factor loadings and the model was tested with a confirmatory factor analysis. As a result, the validity indices of the Turkish form were found to be sufficient levels. The internal consistency coefficient Cronbach’s Alpha was calculated as .91 and split-half reliability was calculated as .84. Test-retest correlation coefficient was found to be .77. The reliability coefficients of the inventory demonstrated comparable values to its original form. Furthermore, promoting concurrent validity total and sub-total scores of saving cognitions inventory were positively correlated with obsessive beliefs, object attachment and saving behavior. In the current study, SCI Turkish form, was evaluated to be a valid and reliable psychometric tool.
Hoarding disorder, cognition, validity, reliability, Saving Cognitions Inventory